1-800 contacts

Motion Design 

In this project I designed modular scenes that leads to
different scenarios with different messages.
Each video is sent by customer type.

The video was created as part of my work in Sundaysky design team and animated by sundaysky’s animators.


Jaimie’s story

video story concept & illustration

As part of my work at Sundaysky, we created videos that tell a story about a few of the special characters in the company. One of them is Jaimie, who holds the title of the smartest and most experienced person working at Sundaysky.

Animation-Yonatan Winter,  Sound-Boaz Bachrach
Additional credits- Dana levy, Dor Nachum



Storyboard design & illustration

creating a demo storyboard that will be us used as a
pre-sale video for different banks and credit companies.